Gold Star Rosin Vape Cartridge

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This is Canada’s only pure rosin vape oil, so don’t be mislead by all the other Canadian rosin companies who claim to be selling Rosin vapes, but fail to mention that their vape oil is actually diluted with Distillate, Live Resin or BHO vape oils.

This Rosin vape oil has not been diluted by any of the following lower priced vape oils that also contain residual solvents and or hydrocarbons:

  • CO2 Vape Oil 
  • Distillate Vape Oil
  • Live Resin Vape Oil
  • Shatter Vape Oil
  • BHO Vape Oil
  • Hash Oil

Each cartridge contains:  .35 grams (.3ml) of Pure Rosin Vape oil

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