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 Sativa Dominant Hybrid

White Banner is a Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain (60% Sativa / 40% Indica) that was created by crossing the original early 90’s Sativa Dominant White Widow with the very popular Sativa Dominant Bruce Banner, which is renowned for having  ridiculously high THC levels  that can reach as much as 29%

The head high is intensely euphoric, combined with strong creativity and a whole-body mood boost. Energy levels are high, making this a good daytime strain.This strain is especially good for depression, stress, pain, nausea and sleeplessness

The dominant flavour is sweet, with notes of citrus and a strong, pungent almost gassy smell, that is accompanied by a lemony aftertaste. This strain is perfect for outdoor activities like hanging out at the beach or taking a nice walk.

The buds are very light green with a thin thread of light orange hairs mixed in, and they have a heavily frosted appearance due to a thick layer of resinous glands.

Flavour: Sweet, Citrus and Pungent

Effects:  Euphoric, Happy, Energetic and Creative

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